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We have been apart of the MAI Carlsbad family now for a year. This was the first sport/activity our 7 year old daughter Shelby stuck with and has greatly enjoyed. Our daughter was recently diagnosed with combine type ADHD and I believe these classes have greatly contributed to the improvement in her focus and overall wellbeing.

Sensei Lobell as well as the other instructors are patient, fun (yet firm), and I can tell really enjoy what they do. Sensei Lobell in particular you can tell is incredibly passionate about karate and educating his students. I am very confused by the reviews that mention he has "retaliated" or is "money hungry" because we have had the complete opposite experience with this studio.

When the studio was forced to shut down due to Covid-19, Sensei Lobell worked with us and helped form a plan that would both benefit us as well as the studio financially. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out during this challenging time. I suppose the best advice I can give anyone is DO NOT reach out to the billing company this studio uses, go to the Sensei direct because the billing company is a 3rd party that follows the contract to the letter. They won't be of much help.

In addition, when our daughter finally could resume her lessons, she was discouraged, frustrated and told me she didn't like karate anymore which was not like her. She had trouble remembering the moves (as anyone would after a three month hiatus). I relayed this info to Sensei Lobell and he generously offered to meet with her one on one to get her excited about karate again. This to me is exceptional customer service and was so kind.

We look forward to seeing how our daughter progresses with MAI in the future!
Nicole Martin
Team Mai has been amazing for my kids confidence!!!!! The pillars of respect, disciple, hard work and dedication are the cornerstone of MAI. And being in an environment with other like minded children is so beneficial to their development inside and out. I highly recommend Team MAI to anyone who wants their kids to get a jump on their child’s development!
Kingsley Quan
My kid has been going for almost 7 years and he has loved it the whole time!
Giovanna Garcia
This has been an excellent experience so far. My lil guy is 4 so we are trying this out
Tonya Heath-Andrioni
I have been here for 6 years. I am a black belt and I love this place! Everyone is so nice. I'm glad I'm still doing it, I have made unforgettable relationships with the students and the instructors. Go MAI!
My son Cayleb loves this place and looks forward to growing in his skills!!!
Kelly Lynn Alpers
Excellent instructors. Great with kids!
Amanda Jahanvash
Carly Paganas My daughter had a great experience and we enjoyed watching the higher belts show off their skills when she received her belt.
Carly Paganas
Great school... My boy really likes it, even during sparing! Been going now for almost 7 months
Mark Gladden
Sensei Jerry, Christina and Sean are AMAZING! They've been so patient and sweet to my girls (3 and 5). In less than a month I am seeing an improvement in behavior and my eldest earner her half stripe. I highly recommend MAI!!!
Amanda Hanson
Team Mai

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