Martial Arts Programs Available In Carlsbad

Kids Martial Arts (Ages 4-12)

At Team MAI, we have the #1 program for kids martial arts in Carlsbad with our Kids and Teen Karate programs! We start enrolling children as young as 4 years old to offer the physical and mental benefits that are found in Karate. Come see us today to learn more!

Teen Martial Arts (Ages 13-17)

Help your teen develop confidence, discipline, and more with our Teen Martial Arts Classes in Carlsbad. Students of all abilities thrive in our classes with individualized instruction and unwavering support.

Adult Martial Arts (Ages 18+)

Our Adult Karate program offers comprehensive, newcomer-friendly training by some of the best martial artists in Carlsbad. In our classes, you will learn to hone your mind and body to become a master of yourself and your safety. No matter your experience level, Team MAI invites you to start your path to self-defense today!

Family Martial Arts

Our Family Martial Arts classes offer fundamental martial arts training and an incredible way for you and your loved ones to bond. This class is great for people all across Carlsbad. No prior experience is required.

Realistic Martial Arts

Our Self-Defense system is helping men and women across our community combine effective fitness training with proven striking and self-defense skills. Learn more today!

Martial Arts Weapons Training

Through traditional Martial Arts weapons training, you’ll develop focus and dexterity. Join us at Team MAI and discover the excitement and energy that comes with learning sparring with a bo staff, nunchucks, or kama!

Competition Martial Arts Training

Our team at Team MAI is comprised of Champions. We decided the best way to serve Carlsbad was to help create more distinguished athletes. Join our Tournament Team for your chance at success.

Martial Arts Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps are helping students all across Carlsbad stay active, challenge themselves, and learn new skills every day. We offer a safe, supportive environment where every child can thrive.

After School Martial Arts Program

Our After School program is setting students all across Carlsbad up for success with a focus on keeping them active and helping them learn how to communicate well with others. We are proud to work with all ages and backgrounds.

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