Sensei Kaitlyn Jensen, Martial Arts Instructor

Sensei Kaitlyn Jensen is a product of the Martial Arts International program. She has been training at MAI since 2014 and has participated in competitions, demonstrations, and mentorship programs. She earned her first-degree black belt in October of 2020. She was recognized for not only being a good student in school but also a great Martial artist in the dojo.  Though a teenager herself, her maturity and talent for teaching karate has earned her the respect of dojo parents, her peers, and younger students. She was promoted to an assistant instructor and now teaches professionally part-time.  Outside of karate, she’s been a Girl Scout since 1st grade and enjoys troop activities. Just like in Martial arts she is always working to aid younger troops. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and baking.

Sensei Kaitlyn Jensen

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